Panos Panay holding a Surface device

It is being reported (via Verge) that Microsoft is preparing to announce a new Surface device at this year’s Future Decoded event, next month.

Panos Panay, who is the CVP of devices @ Microsoft is among the keynote speakers at this years’ annual Future Decoded running from 31st October – 1st November 2017. It is being speculated that Panos may be introducing a new Surface device which could be the LTE variant of Surface Pro or next-generation Surface Book aka Book 2.

Looking at the previous track record of Surface announcements, it is the time of the year Microsoft usually goes on and looks to introduce new hardware before the year end.

With ARM-powered devices around the corner, the excitement couldn’t get any higher. Who knows, Microsoft may launch an ARM-powered Windows laptop.

“We are on track to see Windows 10 on Snapdragon devices become available this year as previously shared,” says a Microsoft spokesperson. “Microsoft and Qualcomm continue to work closely with our OEM partners ASUS, HP and Lenovo in bringing Always Connected devices featuring always-on LTE connectivity and great battery life to market.”

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