Office Insiders

With the demise of Windows phone, it became quite obvious for Microsoft to launch all the productivity apps on rivals’ platform. Among others, Microsoft Office apps became an instant hit on Android back in 2015. Fast-forwarding in 2018, on Android Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint have crossed the 500 million install base.

While the milestone was achieved by Microsoft Word in May this year, both Powerpoint and Excel joins the party with MS Word today.

How Microsoft got there is another interesting story to tell. For example, we all know how Microsoft calls an Android phone, a Microsoft phone, the company even put all their apps on a flagship Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8 and sold them by calling them as ‘Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition’. Love it or hate it, this move certainly played its part to achieve such a milestone.

While you can download all the office apps absolutely free from Google Play store, there some features that work only when you purchase an Office 365 subscription.