Microsoft People app has received a new update to Windows 10 PC. The latest update version is  10.3.3321.0. This update is for the Windows Insiders on the Release Preview Ring.

As first spotted by an AppRaisin user, Microsoft People app update for Windows 10 reworks the UX completely. Stretching contact names horizontally and adding a single email and phone number to each contact line.

When you click on to the contact a very narrow and small contact card appears with the rest of the information. it is so small that if you have multiple phone numbers and emails, you know have to click “see more” and dive deeper to get information that was far quicker to get information that was far quicker to get to before.There is also no back buttons at all, so if you advance through menus, you cannot go back.

Check out the full changelog below: (According to AppRaisin User)

Microsoft People app Changelog:

  • New ugly and unusable design
  • New contact car design that hides too much information, is messy and hard to read.
  • No back buttons, so if you advance deeper into UI you cannot go back.
  • Alphabet Picker now renders horizontally. If you change the width of the Windows, the letter change locations making it impossible to use effectively.
  • Iconography is now tiny
  • features like history have been removed.

Overall this update is not looking so good. What do you think about this update plz let us know in the comments.

You can download the updated app from the link given below.

Microsoft People
Microsoft People
Price: Free