Microsoft recently did public release of Windows 10 feature update 20H1 aka version 2004. It also announced that Windows 10X that was introduced as meant for dual-screen devices only, will be first made available on single-screen devices.

Now, Windows 10 feature update 20H2 aka version 2009 is already being tested in Windows insider Beta channel. But, there are no words about when will the modular Windows 10X will be released to insiders or whether it will be directly launched without insider testing.

Now, as far as we know Windows 10X will be launched in October 2020 along with the Windows 10 feature update 20H2 aka version 2009. Windows 10X launch will see it coming pre-installed on a number of Notebooks and convertibles and Microsoft may market its modern aesthetics and speed.

Windows 10 20H2 aka version 2009 will also be launched to public in early October 2020. This is a minor update as compared to 20H1 and version 2004. The only change revealed by Microsoft so far is that 20H2 will come with new Chromium Edge as default browser.

Take a look at modular Windows 10X major features and changes that make it a faster and more aesthetically pleasing Windows 10 variant.