Project Rome

At Windows Developer Day event, Microsoft announced Project Rome.

“Project Rome” is the code name for Microsoft’s remote systems platform. It consists of API sets on multiple development platforms which allows an app on a client (local) device to interact with apps and services on a host (remote) device when both of them are using the same Microsoft Account (MSA).

This enables a developer to program cross-device experiences and scenarios that move with the user and remove the boundaries between their devices regardless of form factor or platform.

To get started with Project Rome, Microsoft is releasing the Android version of the Project Rome SDK. The Android SDK works both with Java and Xamarin.

Currently, Project Rome is implemented for the following scenarios:

  • Windows client to Windows host
  • Android client to Windows host

Here is a quick demo of Project Rome on Android:

You can download the Project Rome SDK for Android here.

Full examples of,

UWP are here:

and Android here:

To learn more about Project Rome SDK, and how to work with Connected Devices (Android), hop over to this page on GitHub