If you’re a long-time Windows insider, you probably know that one of the changes that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10 (and which was then modified, re-modified, and changed once again) is the icon pack, which although was supposed to make the OS look modern and fresh, it caused quite a controversy in older builds.

After learning from users that icons still need to be improved in order to boast a cleaner look, Microsoft simply can’t stop working on its icon pack, so the recently-leaked Windows 10 build 10558 brings even more changes in this regard.

Posted online during the weekend, Windows 10 build 10558 is one of the latest versions of the operating system compiled by Microsoft and sent to partners, with insiders expected to receive a build that’s close to this one sometime this week.

The new icons and the controversy

As you can see in these photos published by Twitter user @gus33000, there are several new icons included in this build, including one for the registry editor, for the safe to remove hardware action, devices, and audio options.

They do look kind of nice and seem to bring a modern feel on Windows 10, but it’s no sign that these are final and could land on PCs running Windows 10 RTM too. Microsoft is experimenting with preview builds, so some of the features shipped to insiders could not make it to stable users.


The controversy around Windows 10 icons started with build 9926, which brought a new icon pack that was often described by testers as childish and a joke. Microsoft heard the criticism very fast and redesigned them for the next build before redesigning them again, in an attempt to find the best choice for RTM.

A major update for Windows 10 that could include these icons is expected either later this month or in early November, but for the moment, Microsoft is yet to offer any information on timing or included details. Either way, more and more subtle changes are being made to the operating system, so expect the upcoming update to significantly refine the experience in Windows 10 on both PCs and tablets.