A report by WinbetaDotOrg claims that Microsoft is now preparing the release of extensions for Microsoft Edge browser. This is really a great news for those who are waiting for the must needed feature, extension support.

Many of the leading browsers already have this awesome feature. But Microsoft’s best ever browser does not come with extension support. So most of the people ditched Edge and returned back to their favorite browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. The main reason is extensions are must needed thing to browse web in current situation. Because extensions like Adblock and others are very much needed things. We have already reported that Adblock  Plus extension coming soon to Edge. Also we have reported a leak which shows Pinterest & Reddit extensions for Edge. 

According to the report Microsoft has scheduled to launch the extension support with the first wave of redstone update (Around June). But the extension support will available very soon in an upcoming insider Redstone builds , so that developers can port Chrome extensions easily to Edge. The internal Redstone builds are already being tested with Extensions onboard.