Microsoft has released a new Office Insider Build. The new Build 16.0.11901.20002 brings new features and usual bug fixes and performance improvements. You can read the official changelog below.

What’s New

  • Sketchy Shapes in Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Sketchy Shapes is a new style of shape that allows you to apply a less polished appearance to shapes, allowing you to visually communicate the draft status of the content. These shapes have all the attributes of the rendered shapes, allowing manipulation, resizing and the usual properties of the shapes, but they bring a touch of fantasy to the slides. More information is available at this address .
  • PowerPoint playback of ink – Now you can play or rewind what is written by hand in PowerPoint; You can also change the playback mode using custom effects. More information is available at this address .
  • Bug fixes in other Microsoft Office suite programs.

To update to the latest Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.