We have long raised the issue of non-intuitive Bluetooth experience in Windows 10 Mobile. In our review of Windows 10 Mobile Build 15025 we mentioned,

Bluetooth functionality needs a UI overhaul with control options like allowing “which devices to connect automatically” or “manually”. There should be option to manually search for Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth experience has been broken in some way across most of Windows 10 Mobile Creators update preview builds. On top of that when you went to Bluetooth page it appeared badly designed with no way to do many basic things.

But, Microsoft has revamped the Bluetooth Page with Windows 10 Mobile Build 15043. It is now similar to what we see in Windows 10 PC / Tablets version. Now, you can manually search for Bluetooth and other kind of devices when on this page.Once devices are located you can pair with them by tapping on device’s name.

Once connected, paired devices will appear on this page and can be removed. What is an interesting features is that no. of connected devices appear in the Bluetooth quick-action button in Action Center.

It might be early implementation issue however, as we were not able to search other Bluetooth devices from Phone. Though you can connect to Phone from other Windows 10 PC using Bluetooth. That may get sorted out soon in coming builds.