Microsoft has launched Windows 11 amid much fanfare as the next generation of Windows. It also created lots of resentment amongst many Windows 10 users who will be artificially stopped from updating to Widows 11 for some superfluous reasons.

This looks even more stark when it becomes clear that Windows 11 is nothing but the decorated Windows 10 version 21H2 with some UI changes. While we already told you so, even Microsoft calls it 21H2 update officially.

The first Windows 11 insider build has the update name as “21H2” as one can see in the screenshot below. Microsoft has made it clear that it is back to one significant update every year starting Windows 11.

Perhaps rebranding Windows 10 21H2 as Windows 11 gave Microsoft an opportunity to move many existing users to new hardware. This obviously makes lots of sense for Microsoft and OEMs manufacturing PCs. This will allow them to sell new PCs in the market and at the same time will also help Microsoft in more licensing money.

It also seems that existing Windows 10 users who won’t be able to make the cut to Windows 11 because of their PCs not meeting the minimum requirements will get a name sake 21H2 update. Though expect it to be just like 21H1, another insignificant update.