Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is a group based chat software for today’s teams. It works with Office 365 and allows flexible communication, built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business, as well as enterprise grade security and compliance features you would expect from Office 365.

The latest update for the application adds a bunch of new features, mostly about the tab gallery and an exciting announcement about dealing with files.

What is new in Microsoft Teams

Pin a website: If you’ve ever wanted to pin a website in a tab for easy reference, get ready to celebrate. Now, you can open up a new tab in a channel to copy and paste any secure URL (one that starts with https://). Your new tab will maintain that site so you and the rest of your team can revisit it whenever you want. There’s no need to navigate away from the app or open up a browser or a new window. Additionally, your team will be able to chat about your pinned website either in the channel containing your new tab or within the tab itself!

Head to a channel in any team and press + to access the tab gallery. Once you’re there, all you’ve got to do is copy and paste the URL you want.

A new tab for Microsoft Stream: Video fans rejoice! Microsoft Teams has partnered with Microsoft Stream to build an experience that will let you share an Office 365 Video or a video or channel from Microsoft Stream. This is an easy way to share product videos and help content with your team, or just add a touch of fun to your workday. Head over to the tab gallery, click on Microsoft Stream, and copy/ paste the link you want (to a video or channel) in the text box below!

Drag and drop files: Big news, everyone! You can now drag and drop files straight from your desktop and into Microsoft Teams. Drag a file over to your compose box to attach it to a message or drop a file straight into any files view, including your channels, chats, and OneDrive account!
There are many more features which are planned for the application as well some features which you can expect in the future update.

If you have not tried Microsoft Teams yet, give it a try by downloading it from here

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