Microsoft Teams

Microsoft yesterday pushed an important update to Microsoft Teams app on both Android and iOS. The new update brings a number of improvements and new features. Read about all the changes below.

Drive Mode

With this update installed you now have simplified Teams experience optimized for driving conditions with larger buttons for common actions to safely participate in meetings while you are driving.

Quiet hours

Quiet Hours enables you to control Team’s notifications on your mobile device. You can mute push notifications at specific times during any day of the week, including weekends.

Who’s Calling

You will now see their name appear when they call you via Teams. This requires a Phone System license and permission to access your device contacts.

Schedule Meeting

You can now schedule Teams meetings from your mobile device and invite people who are part of the organization (including guests) via the Microsoft Teams app for iOS and Android. Additionally, you will also be able to schedule channel meetings soon.

See Organizational information

This version of Microsoft Teams makes it easy for you to understand in which team or department people are. You can now also leverage the Teams mobile app to search for a colleague in the organizational chart or find it directly from their contact card.