en-INTL_Surface_Win_8_Pro_128GB_9UR-00001_SP1Microsoft reportedly is cutting Windows 8.1 licensing fees by 70% to ward off the competition from cheaper Chromebooks. Bloomberg’s sources claim that Manufacturers will be charged $15 to license Windows 8.1 and pre-install it on devices that retail for less than $250, instead of the usual fee of $50. This discount is applicable to any products that meet the price limit, with no restrictions on the size or type of device.

In the scenario when Global PC shipments are predicted to decline and Tablets volumes are supposed to surge in coming years, Microsoft may be targeting low-cost Tablet market. This move may also help it to thwart competition from Chrome based Notebooks.


Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Timeline on Bing. Timeline shows you important events in the timeline of influential or famous people’s lives.

Our algorithm has generated timelines for about half of a million famous people and is constantly adding to the list. In cases where our data indicates you would be more interested in another type of information we will not show the timeline which saves space and reduces page load times. For instance, for many actors and singers, their movies and songs may be more interesting than the events of their lives.