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Microsoft unveils a redesigned Microsoft To Do app with many new features


Microsoft today unveiled a new completely redesigned Microsoft To Do app with many changes. Apart from the refreshing new look Microsoft To Do app gets new features like access from wherever you are, and more integration with Microsoft apps and services. Check the detailed changelog below.

A fresh new feel

We polished the design of To Do by reducing the header size and adding in more color to give the app warmth and personalization. It’s still the simple and elegant app you love, but now with more options to customize, so you can tailor it to suit yourself and your lists. With the new version of To Do, you can choose from a wide range of backgrounds, including the beloved Berlin TV tower that was a feature in Wunderlist. In addition, you can choose a different background for every list.

Want to give your eyes a rest? To Do has dark mode across Android, Windows, Mac, and coming soon to iOS. It’s not just about the backgrounds, though. We freshened up the look of To Do, so it feels simple, yet modern.

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Your smart daily planner

Like Wunderlist, we have smart lists where you can see your planned or important tasks in one list. But what makes To Do unique is the personalized daily planner feature, My Day. It helps you accomplish what’s meaningful and important to you every day. Smart suggestions in My Day help you plan what you need to accomplish that day. And tomorrow? My Day will refresh, so you can start the day with a blank slate. Any tasks you didn’t complete will be waiting for you in suggestions.

Access your lists wherever you are

To Do is available and syncs across all platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and the web. Now, wherever you are, you can take your lists with you. Commuting to work? Plan your day on your phone so you start work ready to check off all those tasks. And if you’re on Windows or Android, you can toggle between your work and personal accounts. As you head out the office in the evening, you can leave your work lists behind, and open up your grocery list or see what’s in store for movie night on your personal account.

Part of the Microsoft family

With To Do, we’re on a mission to bring everything you need to do—from anywhere tasks appear in your favorite Microsoft 365 apps and services—into one centralized view. Flag messages you need to follow up on and see them in the Flagged Email list (with Microsoft work or school accounts or Microsoft-hosted email accounts like Outlook, Hotmail, or Live). The Assigned to Me list shows you the tasks assigned to you in your shared lists and those from Microsoft Planner. From there you can add them to My Day to give you a holistic view of what you need to do today. But that’s not all—with our Cortana integration, you can also add tasks from your Amazon Echo.* Love Microsoft Launcher on Android? Guess what! To Do is integrated there too.

Security is top of mind

Security is paramount to us and you’ll be pleased to know that we made your data security a priority in To Do. Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to security helps protect your data wherever it may be. With To Do, you can set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help make sure your lists are secured.

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