Microsft Whiteboard app has finally made its debut on Windows 10. The good news is Microsoft also has a plan to release the app on other platforms. Which means that Android and iOS version is also coming in future. The app was first showcased almost a year ago. Interestingly Microsoft then said that the app was exclusive to the Surface devices.

Microsoft Whiteboard app is meant for people to collaborate with a pen across multiple devices at the same time. The mainly focuses on the education market and also can be used for various other scenarios which require multiple people to collaborate on a project not being in the same place. The demo was pretty darn impressive as the latency was hardly noticeable, means that one can see what the others want to share on the digital canvas almost instantly. The app also allows you to select images from bing.com and which certainly brings the project to life.

Besides Android and iOS, Microsoft Whiteboard plans to mark its debut on the WEB. Therefore you can easily create and collaborate with people no matter what device you use. Microsoft Whiteboard welcomes you as long as you have an internet connection and a touchscreen device. The WEB version of the Microsoft Whiteboard is not live yet but soon you can get a hands-on as Microsoft plans to launch the app as a preview. Looking into the future, Microsoft also has plans to integrate the app with Microsoft Teams.

The cross-platform strategy is nothing new as almost all the Microsoft apps which focuses on productivity are available on other platforms. So Microsoft Whiteboard on other platforms should not surprise you at all.