Remember Nokia Maclaren? The idea is similar. You can easily operate the device just using gestures like pinching, tapping or double tapping and to name a few. A lot of other companies came up with the similar kind concept but just like Nokia Maclaren, ended up in just an experimental project. Anyways Nokia Maclaren is almost five years old and most importantly it was at its core more of a Nokia project.

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently published the patent. The patent is not just Nokia Maclaren revival, it is more than that with more gesture support.  A tracking system and a depth camera are playing a key role in achieving such an engineering milestone. As you might have expected, you can use all of your fingers to take the advantage of this revolutionary technology. Now that Microsoft is doing all crazy stuff lately with its Surface line-up, it very much possible that Microsoft could eventually end up doing this on a Surface tablet.

If the above scenario ever comes to true Microsoft automatically takes a step ahead leaving behind important companies like Samsung and Apple in terms of making revolutionary hardware. It needs to be remembered that most of the time companies like Apple or Microsoft win a lot of patents and then end up not releasing it. Often times the companies are busy exploring various technology for the future.