Microsoft is finally acquiring GitHub, which is a famous coding site and used by a lot of biggies like Google, Apple and Amazon and oh Microsoft Of course. There were rumors circulating all over the Internet regarding the acquisition and finally according to Bloomberg, the acquisition is now a reality. The Redmond Giant is likely to come up with an official statement on Monday.

Although we have seen a GitHub presentation at MS build this year, the announcement is quite surprising but if thought pragmatically, a logical one. According to an insider, there were plenty of biggies in the line to acquire the Code site but GitHub itself decided to go with Microsoft. It is none other than CEO Nadella who has impressed the Github team.

GitHub has a significant amount of mindshare in the dev community albeit it hardly had any profit with the company’s revenue was dwindling for the last couple of years. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft was interested in a partnership with GitHub but that went on to an acquisition later on. Neither Microsoft nor GitHub has come up with anything as of yet.

With Microsoft’s love for open source development, the decision was a pragmatic one. Ever since the report came on the Internet, the response was kinda mixed so far. Some are even leaving the GitHub community after Microsoft’s involvement. What happens from here only the time will tell, we can now only wait and see how Nadella handles the acquisition given that Microsoft has a been a bad choice in the dev community for a long time. Perhaps the time is now to flip the coin!