One of the things that Microsoft did wrong was the web browser. It failed repeatedly first with Internet Explorer and now Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is going nowhere. On Android, however, Microsoft did well with the browser. Arguably, it is due to the fact that on Android Microsoft Edge is powered by Chromium rendering engine much like other browsers on Android and not the EdgeHTML.

Microsoft is now looking to pursue the same open-source rendering engine Chromium(via WC) which powers the best internet browser Google Chrome. This is a big deal for Microsoft and eventually, the company will go through a lot of change of strategy.

Speaking of change of strategy, dropping support for EdgeHTML and embracing Chromium would, in turn, mean that we can expect some amendment on the Microsoft Store policies which at this moment does not allow browsers powered by anything other than the EdgeHTML. Yes, this also means that Google Chrome can finally come to the Microsoft Store. 

Codenamed Anaheim, the new browser will replace the default Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. However, there is still no information if Microsoft is willing to keep the name or planning to start afresh with a new name. Even though this is a pretty big deal for developers, from an end-user perspective you cannot feel the change in terms of look and feel. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft might not even talk about it broadly as you might expect them to do. But that seems unlikely as Microsoft needs to talk about what this means for Microsoft Store policies and developers and of course, the future of Windows going forward.

As of today, a little is known about the project but we might hear something from the horse’s mouth in the coming days.