microsoft-Nokia-logo-square-largeA claimed internal document produced to ‘The information’ by one of Microsoft’s vendor, throws light on the tactics considered recently by Microsoft to close the gap between Windows Phone and Android. Though we have heard about it earlier, but seems Microsoft really toyed with idea of having vendors make hardware capable to run either of Windows Phone or Android. So, a buyer can move inside a retail store and get OS of choice on hardware he buys.

In one scenario, a smartphone buyer would be able to walk into a wireless carrier store, find a phone they like and only then choose whether they want Windows Phone or Android software to power it permanently, according to a confidential document produced by a potential Windows Phone partner for internal purposes. The document, which was reviewed by The Information, includes a record of a meeting between the potential partner and Microsoft.

We have earlier heard rumors about Microsoft’s future plan to have dual-boot Windows Phone / Android smartphones with help of its close vendors like HTC. So, may be the tactics discussed above get adopted in future and we can really see flexible OS devices.

Via: The Information