While Microsoft’s one billion Windows 10 devices goal is yet to turn out to be true, Windows 10 has finally achieved what it was expected to achieve way earlier. Windows 10 has finally surpassed the much-loved Windows 7’s market share. According to Netmarketshare’s data, Windows 10 is now the most used Windows. It now powers 39.22 percent PCs, surpassing the Windows 7’s share which is now down to 36.9 percent.

Windows 7 held the record of the most used Windows since it first came out back in 2010 and the Redmond giant after repeated attempts With Windows 8 and 8.1 failed to oust Windows 7 from the top position. Nevertheless, Windows 7 will continue to fall as its support would end in the year 2020.

Although, on the consumer side, there won’t be any rush to upgrade PCs to Windows 10, the reason being the chance of getting into various issues especially with the drivers after updating to a new operating system. The chance of getting into such trouble becomes higher when you are using old or unsupported hardware. However, on the Enterprise side, the scenario would be completely opposite as security is of a great concern there and you can expect almost all the business customers to upgrade to the latest Windows.

The year 2018 turned out a great for Microsoft as the company for the first time in the last seven years went ahead of Apple’s share only to claim itself as the number one US company in terms of market value.