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Microsoft Edge Market Share Gets Doubled in Feb

As we are all know Microsoft Edge is new browser that comes packed with Windows 10 and it replaces the old Internet Explorer. When Windows 10 was released to public, users experienced that the Edge browser is not ready to rock and still lacks some important features like extensions support. But Microsoft

Windows 10 touches 10% worldwide OS share

You can find Windows 10 now on 10 out of 100 PCs worldwide!! Windows 10 is the latest Windows version of Windows released by Microsoft. It’s the best Windows ever. Microsoft Confirmed back in October that Windows 10 was installed on more than 110 million PCs, after three months in launch.

Windows 10 market share is close to 8% three months in the launch

Back in October, Microsoft officially confirmed that Windows 10 is running on 100 Million devices in only two months post launch. However, recently Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 was running on 120 Million devices. Now Netmarketshare analysis reveals  that Windows 10 has reached 7.94 % OS market share worldwide. However, adoption