Windows 10

Netmarketshare for the month of January is out and it is good news for Windows 10 and Microsoft.

While Windows 10 now has the highest number of users, dethroning Windows 7 last month, Windows 7 is not that far away, in fact, if we go by the data published by the Netmarketshare, the Windows 7 market share has grown in this month. It is now holding 37.19 percent of the total share, up from last month’s 36.9 percent.

Unlike Windows 7, the growth of the Windows 10 is in the whole number and not in decimals. Windows 10 is tops with a 40.9 percent share, up from 39.22 percent last month. Windows 8.1 share, on the other hand, is now down to only 4.34 percent.

On the browser side, Netmarketshare data failed to make Microsoft happy with Microsoft Edge holding only 4.61 percent while Internet Explorer managed to grab only 7.99 percent. Google Chrome tops the list with 67.29 percent share followed by Firefox which is at 9.92 percent.

Given the fact that Microsoft is pretty much giving up on the browsers wars, it is no Edge and Internet Explorer share are not that relevant. Otherwise, if we concentrate on the flip side, Microsoft did pretty well despite the Windows 10 October 2018 Update fiasco.