You can find Windows 10 now on 10 out of 100 PCs worldwide!!


Windows 10 is the latest Windows version of Windows released by Microsoft. It’s the best Windows ever. Microsoft Confirmed back in October that Windows 10 was installed on more than 110 million PCs, after three months in launch. But a More recent UNCONFIRMED report said Windows 10 crossed 200 million installations.
And seems like it is true, as Windows 10 hit its share to 9.96% in Worldwide PC OS Market share during December 2015. It’s bit slow compare to 9%, 7.94% and 6.63% in November, October and September. These numbers are found today by research firm Net Applications, that tracks Operating System usage from more than Ten Thousands websites.
Though Windows 10 is on 4th place in PC market share worldwide, according to Net Applications. Windows 7 still has a great Markets share at 56.65%, which is up from 56.11% in November and 55.77% in October. Windows XP, which Microsoft doesn’t support now, listed as 2nd in December with 10.93% market share, slightly up from November (10.58%) but down from October (11.15%), Windows 8.1 listed in 3rd place with 10.30% in December which is down from 11.15% in November.
Market Share gain for Windows 10 is very fast, and the day when Windows 10 will be on top is now not so far away.

Source : Netmarketshare