A report from Futuresource consulting reveals that Microsoft’s recent efforts in Education sector is paying off. Windows PCs have registered strong growth in K-12 schools in the US in the last year. Windows PCs share grew 4.3 percent on devices under $300 and 8.2 percent on devices over $300.

Microsoft has recently invested in augmenting its Education offerings in the US. It launched Microsoft Teams for collaboration, InTune for device management, Windows 10 S and a number of other licensing packages.

As per the report, both Google and Apple have seen their market growth slowing in Q3 and Microsoft offerings registering strong growth. Even when one checks the worldwide market share figures Microsoft seems to do well in Q3 2017 by registering strong growth over Q2 2017.

Whilst Google remains the dominant market leader, its growth shows signs of slowing. Apple launched its new (lower cost) iPad in Q2, which had an immediate impact with extremely strong sales. Q3 saw the slowest Chromebook growth yet, with volumes only growing 3% year-on-year and there are signs that Microsoft’s momentum is building again, with Windows devices gaining share in Q3.

Via: Microsoft