The monthly market share of all the major OS and browsers are now out. Netmarketshare has come up with the same for October. While it is good news for Windows 10, Microsoft’s ambitious web browser, Microsoft Edge is having a tough time in front of Chrome and Firefox.

With that being said, Windows 10 is now on has a market share of 38.28 percent, closer than ever before of the Windows 7  market share which had slipped from 40.88 percent to 39.35 percent within just one month. Keeping that in mind, we might just need a month or two before Windows 10 finally oust Windows 7 as the most dominating Windows.

Not all products and services are doing great, for example, Microsoft Edge has hardly grown in the course of one month, letting Google Chrome and Firefox dominate the market. Microsoft Edge now has a market share of 4.28 percent while its competitors Chrome and Firefox own 66.43 percent and 9.25 percent of the market share respectively. Comparing the data with that of September, Only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have made a small jump while Firefox showed a downtrend. But Firefox is not alone here, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 market share also plummets and currently owns a 7.83 percent of the share, down from 8.29 percent share in November.