So, it seems the Windows 11 hype has not subsided even after few days already in the build leak. So, enthusiasts have dig even deeper and have posted about Windows 11 features and changes not easily visible to eyes. So, in this article we talk about Meet & Chat button, 3 taskbar sizes, Wake on Touch & multi-monitor improvements in Windows 11.

Windows 11 three taskbar sizes:

Windows 11 will have option to enable three taskbar sizes just like Windows 10X. The taskbar sizes are mentioned as: Small, Medium/Default and Large. Check the images below that show the small and large taskbar sizes.

In case you have already installed the leaked build and want to know how to change taskbar size, here is how you can do it.

To change your taskbar size, use this registry key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced  TaskbarSi With the following values: 0 = Small 1 = Medium / Default 2 = Large

 Windows 11 Meet & Chat button:

There will be a button called Meet & Chat in the taskbar (just like Search or Dashboard) that will launch Microsoft Teams it seems.  There is no such button so far in the leaked build but code digging reveals that Microsoft may enable this Meet & Chat button in future builds.

Windows 11 Wake on Touch:

Windows 11 supports a setting for “Wake on Touch” similar to the Windows Mobile 10 feature. This will allow the PC running Windows 11 to wake up only after touching the screen. 

Windows 11 multi-monitor improvements:

Windows 11 brings two long-awaited multi-monitor improvements. “Remember window locations based on monitor connection” and “Minimize windows when a monitor is disconnected” are new multi-monitor improvements that Windows 11 users will be able to use.