Microsoft is testing its futuristic Window Core OS (WCOS) powered by Intel’s yet-to-be-announced Penta-core Lakefield i5-L15G7 processor. A GeekBench listing posted on Twitter reveals this combination in an entry for a Microsoft virtual device.

Intel had showcased the Lakefield architecture back in late 2019. It has targeted Lakefield processors as an alternative to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon lineup and similar ARM procesors.

This seems to be the first Benchmark entry for Penta-core Lakefield i5-L15G7 processor. Previous Benchmark entries had Penta-core Lakefield i5-L16G7 processor. The CPU ID for Lakefield i5-L15G7 processor has been revealed to be 806A1.

Windows Core OS (WCOS) is Microsoft’s new unified Windows OS in works, and is considered to be the future of Windows. It is supposed to power all kind of devices and new form factors. Some recent leaks had revealed that Microsoft may be planning to separate the Windows Core OS and Features experience for various versions of the Windows CoreOS.