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Miniclip brings “Hot Rod Racers” to Windows Phone. Free to play. Impressions!



Hot Rod Racers is the second title for Windows Phone from the makers of Rail Rush, Miniclip. It has just arrived at Windows Phone store and is free to play. The download size is just 30 MB and it is quick to install. Surprisingly it is not yet available for US market while we could download it in India.


It boasts of some high quality graphics and loads of adrenaline rush. Initially, tips are shown on-screen, once you start the race and are very handy to ace the race. One needs to pay attention to learn and later you will find it very addictive. There are some smart touches, like one can hit another racer’s car to slow him down and there are lots of upgrades one can do to his cars. This is another high quality title after Rail Rush and will be a hit amongst Windows Phone gamers. Perhaps the best free to play drag race game for Windows Phone.

Description & Features:

Time to heat up that engine: welcome to the roaring world of Hot Rod Racers!

Challenge fierce street racers in exciting drag racing events! No kidding around – you’ll have to bring your A-game.

Use any means necessary to win: crash into your opponent’s car and show how badly you want to win! Experience different gameplay modes, including dodging traffic cones, jumping off ramps, racing against the clock and more.

Earn tons of coins and upgrade your cars to build the best racing machine possible. Got an engine upgrade? Show it off and enjoy your car’s improved performance. There are also a variety of paint jobs and decals, to show off your hot rod at its hottest!

Are you ready to become King of the road?

• A detailed hot rod world set in a 3D urban landscape

• 13 different episodes to complete

• Lots of crazy characters to encounter

• Ground-breaking physics: crash into your opponent’s car to slow him down

• Different gameplay modes: dodge traffic cones, jump off ramps, avoid walls and more…

• Upgrade your vehicle’s components and aesthetics to make it look even cooler

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