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Modern VLC for Windows app receives a big update. Full Changelog.


VLC 20-8

Modern VLC for Windows app has received a significant update in the Windows 10 store and the version has jumped to 1.6.0. The update brings many changes including UI redesign, new features and lots of bug fixes, as can be seen in the below detailed changelog.

VLC for Windows changelog:

Changes between 1.5.0 and 1.6.0
Release: 20 August 2015

Windows 8.1 only

* Subtitles should be display at the right position and size
* External SRT (using file picker) feature working again
* Subtitles with multiples lines may cause the app to crash
* Improved hardware decoding
* Some videos may cause the app to crash
* Volume control now working

User Interface
* Reworked Home page design
* Reworked File Explorer page design (sidebar showing different folders to explore)
* Prevent duplicated videos in ViewedVideos collection
* Minimize/Expand/Close buttons background color were’nt the same as the main part of the TitleBar => TitleBar is now fully transparent
* Add animations in the Music Now Playing view
* Bottom MiniPlayer Buttons width increased for touch devices
* Easier to access to Hardware Decoding settings

* Remove duplicate artist background picture in the MiniPlayer
* Accurately refreshing the list of audio tracks and subtitles
* Default speed rate value was wrong (0.5 instead of 1)
* Fix Background picture squaling issue in the Win2D Slideshow component
* Restore the previous window size when exiting MiniPlayer mode
* Don’t resume a video when it was paused when leaving the app
* Fixed VideoPlayer controls appearing randomly
* Open Stream is no longer expanded off screen when a long link is pasted
* Prevent playing audio music file while a video is playing (WP only)
* Fix navigation bug between home pages
* Usual bug squashing

* (Temporary hack) Open subtitle file in the folder if it has the same name as the video
* Users can also set “File explorer” page as their home page

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