Microsoft showcased us their ambitious project the Microsoft Surface Duo back on 2nd October at the Surface event. The Surface Duo is totally a new category from Microsoft and that takes foldables to the next level.

Today at an event in Berlin, the Chief Product Officer of Microsoft Surface Mr. Panos Panay shared some important details about the upcoming Surface Duo which is to be unveiled in Fall 2020. The few key borrowings from his interaction are given below in points,

  • The Surface Duo will be a 4G LTE based device but Microsoft has 5G in mind and will come with it when the infrastructure is ready which could take time as that is a highly ambitious project.
  • He also assured that although it’s a first-generation product and doesn’t come with 5G, it will have a good camera in it.

When a journalist asked him about 5G, he said that there is an ambitious roadmap for the introduction of 5G enabled devices but Microsoft doesn’t want to comment on that as of now.