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Multi-page document scanning available for everyone using OneDrive


If you are someone whose daily task involves scanning loads and loads of documents using a mobile device and saving them to your computer, you would be glad to know that Microsoft, today, has made multi-page document scanning free for everyone using OneDrive.

What does this mean for you?

Up until now, the multi-page document feature was part of a premium plan under the Microsoft 365 subscription and was available on the OneDrive mobile app for quite some time.

But with today’s announcement, anyone using an OneDrive personal account can benefit from this feature.

Here is how it works:

1. Open the OneDrive mobile app on your smartphone – Android, or iOS.

2. Point the camera at the document and click a picture. (or business cards etc.)

3. Once scanned, OneDrive digitizes the image into a single PDF file, which you can then save, share, or mark-up with text, pictures, or freehand drawing and writing.

Once the PDF is ready, you are free to upload them on to your OneDrive space and be able to access them anywhere from any device on the planet with an internet connection.

Please note that the feature is rolling out gradually and will be available to everyone, by the end of the week.

What you will need?

OneDrive account and the latest version of the OneDrive app on Android (v6.5 or higher), or iOS (v11.31.5 or higher).

There is also a limit of 10 pages or images that you can scan.

Source: Microsoft

Price: Free

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