Azure IoT

If you are building an IOT solution and using Microsoft Azure IoT as a base, then these new features of Azure Stream Analytics are worth spending a minute with. Since, IoT solutions must monitor real-time data coming from devices and take appropriate actions, Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics provides customers a robust and scalable solution to meet these needs.

Here are the new features of Azure Stream Analytics for Azure IoT customers that are ready to uplift your efforts:

  • Native support for geospatial functions helps developers build solutions for connected car, connected fleet management and related “things that move” scenarios. More than 100 customers including NASCAR have already been using these geospatial capabilities in preview to define geographical areas, evaluate incoming geospatial data for containment, proximity and overlap, and generate alerts or easily kick off necessary workflows.
  • Custom code with JavaScript now enables more advanced scenarios. Customers can write their custom code in JavaScript and easily invoke it as part of their real-time stream processing query.
  • Low-latency dashboards offer an improved experience for solutions built using Azure Stream Analytics. High-volume, streaming data analytics can now be output to Microsoft Power BI with significantly lower latency.
  • Job diagnostics logs simplify self-service troubleshooting. Customers now have a systematic way to deal with lost, late or malformed data — and to investigate errors caused by bad data.
  • Visual Studio integration with Azure Stream Analytics is also available in public preview.

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