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New Game Star Balls Is Now Available For Xbox One Users


Star Balls is now available to download from Xbox One Store.  This is a puzzle game developed and published by Bolder Games.

Game graphics look good and this game already enjoys good rating and reviews. If you like to play puzzle games then you will definitely like this game.

This is an awesome puzzle game that follows three stowaways on a spaceship trying to use their unique skills to navigate the craft and escape.

The 3D visuals are incredibly rich, the story is good, there are plenty of levels, power-ups and it’s a must play the game.

Game Features:

– Three play modes and 50 levels keep the fun going.
– Earn coins for powerups to jump, swerve, even go back in time, and much more!
– Fantastic console-quality 3D art rarely found in a casual game
– Character-based play with a strong storyline for entertaining, engaging play
– Three play modes keeps the game fresh and gives you great replay-ability
– Interesting plugins add a twist and a challenge as you gain the ability to bust through traps, ramp up to warp speed, and even defy gravity

You can download the game from here

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