Microsoft Office team is simplifying the update model for Office Insiders on Windows Desktop.

As part of this effort, the name of the Office Insider levels, currently called Insider Fast and Insider Slow, will change to Insider and Monthly Channel (Targeted) respectively.

As an Office Insider, you don’t need to take any action. You’ll continue to receive Fast or Slow updates as you are getting today, on the same schedule. The only thing changing for Office Insiders is the name of the levels.

New names for Office for Windows desktop update channels

Here’s the full list of new names for the Office 365 update channels, starting with Insider, the first publicly available update.

New NameOld NamePurposeApplies toRelease Frequency
InsiderInsider FastFrequent updates containing features in developmentOffice 365 for home

Office 365 for business

Monthly Channel (Targeted)Insider Slow (Office 365 for home)

First Release for Current Channel (Office 365 for business)

Preview of Monthly Channel updateOffice 365 for home

Office 365 for business

Monthly ChannelCurrent ChannelMonthly updates with the latest featuresOffice 365 for home

Office 365 for business

Semi-annual Channel (Targeted)First Release for Deferred ChannelPreview of Semi-annual Channel updateOffice 365 for business onlyTwice a year, in March and September
Semi-annual Channel Deferred ChannelAccumulation of features that have shipped in prior Monthly Channel updatesOffice 365 for business onlyTwice a year, in January and July

More information can be found on the source page below.