Office Insiders

Microsoft has rolled out a fresh new update for users in the Preview Build of Office Insider Program of Android. The latest build version is 16.0.10228.20010.

This is a preview of the June 2018 feature update which brings new features for Word, Excel & PowerPoint Apps. Check out the full changelog below.


Below is the summary of features that we have released in this update:

Present from your phone

Send a presentation to a large screen with just your phone. This feature is new in PowerPoint.

Phone on the left and large display on the right with transmission visual between the two

Hyperlinks in living colors

Hyperlinks aren’t just blue anymore. Apply any font color you want. This feature is new in PowerPoint.

Calendar at your fingertips

We heard you! Access your calendar quickly, and easily scan and take needed actions. This feature is new in Outlook.


Take back control

You asked for it! Prevent senders from tracking whether you opened their emails by blocking links to external images in messages. This feature is new in Outlook.

Pick your favorites

Identify the folders and groups you want to be able to quickly access, and set them as favorites. This feature is new in Outlook.

Menu showing favorite folders and groups