Office Insiders

Microsoft has rolled out a fresh new update for users in the Preview Build of Office Insider Program of Android. The latest build version is 16.0.9126.2014.

This is a preview of the March 2018 feature update which brings Quickly access your sites and groups, Commands at your fingertips and more. Check out the full changelog below.


Quickly access your sites and groups

Quickly find presentations stored in your frequently used sites and groups in the Open menu. This feature is new in Word , powerpoint and Excel.


Easy access to files stored in Sites and Groups

Commands at your fingertips

Work with speed! Have quick access to contextual commands like expand selection, sort, filter, and more. This feature is new in Excel.


See where others are working

No need to worry of conflicting changes when collaborating with others on a worksheet! You can now see where they’re working and what content they have selected as they edit. This feature is new in Excel.

Worksheet with presence indicators for each person editing the file
Tablet screen with the Notify organizer prompt showing available response options and the ability to include a comment

More RSVP options

We heard you and are bringing more ways to respond to meeting invites on your phone or pad! You can now choose to edit your response and include a comment, or elect to not send a response. This feature is new in Outlook.

What did I miss?

Quickly find out how many unread email messages you have without having to open Outlook.This feature is new in Outlook.

Phone with 4 icons representing different types of available information

New search experience

Personalized suggestions make it easier and faster to search, with less typing. Intelligent search returns files and contacts, and is now accessible from the app taskbar (double-tap the Search icon for quick access to the Search box).This feature is new in Outlook.

Faster navigation

The account and folder menu has been redesigned to give you easy access to all your accounts and key folders as well as Help and Settings. For quick access to any folders associated with a given account, press and hold the desired account to pin it open.This feature is new in Outlook.

Menu with more options and commands available
Mesage list on the left and selected conversation on the right

Improved Conversations

It’s easier than ever to catch up on conversations! When you come back to a conversation that you started reading earlier, the first unread message is automatically shown. More of your conversation is displayed at once and clearer separation between individual messages make it quicker to scan content.This feature is new in Outlook.

More options for events

You can now set and show events in your calendar as free, busy, tentative, out of office, or private.This feature is new in Outlook.

Phone screen with zoomed of the available response options