Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 Build for those in Xbox One Preview Alpha Skip Ahead. The 19H1 Build version is 180830-1900 and it will begin rolling out at 6.00 p.m. PDT and will become mandatory shortly after that.

This build has the same features as 1810 plus more to be announced over the coming months! Please note the build is 3.6G in size however it does not perform a console reset, it is an update only. Coming to what this build brings, we can see a list of fixes and known issues in the changelog shared officially.


Dolby Vision

  • We have confirmed that the Netflix app does leave Dolby Vision on in the App – This is by design by Netflix.
  • We have confirmed that some users are encountering graphical issues when exiting the Netflix application with Dolby Vision enabled. We have determined that this is users with LG TVs and LG is aware of the issue, it is a TV issue and not the Xbox Platform.


  • Fixes to resolve an error that was being displayed when a user launched an app that was being installed.


  • Fixes to resolve the Alerts tab in Guide when a user would select “see all alerts” and receive an error.

My Games & Apps

  • The EA Access and the Shudder App being unresponsive is now fixed when navigating in the apps.
  • UI fixes to the Memberships tabs to fix alignment issues.


  • Fixes to Notifications to correctly show when a user plugs in/or out an external HDD or USB drive.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect notifications stating that you need to clear more free space when installing some games and your console has sufficient space to install the game.


  • Users should no encounter stuttering when launching straight into Oneguide after the console is turned on from Instant on.


  • Fixes to the stability of the console going in and out of the Instant On power mode.

Known Issues:


  • We are aware that some users are experiencing issues where mics do not work. Please ensure that your controller is running the latest Firmware (Settings – Kinect & Devices – Devices & Accessories) and be sure to file feedback using the “Report a problem” tool when you experience this issue.


  • We are aware that, in some instances, Avatar limbs (feet & hands) are pointing in unexpected directions and facial hair is appearing where it should not. Please file feedback should you experience this.
  • It can take up to 10 seconds to view an Avatar on the profile screen after creating a new Avatar.

My Games & Apps

  • We are aware of the following Media apps crashing and have identified a fix that will be flighted shortly. There is no workaround at present.  The apps we are monitoring are Demand 5, Orange, CTV Go on Box One, SEGO, TMN GO, Foxtel Play, Halo Channel, TSN on Xbox One

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge crashes for some users at random times.
  • The cursor may disappear when exiting and re-entering the app. Workaround: Press Y when re-entering the app to make the cursor re-appear


  • We are tracking an issue in which the console is fully powering off when it is placed into Instant On mode.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.

Settings – Network Statistics

  • We are aware that the Detailed Network Statistics feature is not showing any data. This does not impact the consoles networking performance at all it is a UI bug.

Virtual Keyboard

  • We are aware that special characters appear incorrectly when using the Virtual Keyboard.