Deployment Script

Microsoft has released a newer version (2.0) of the Upgrade Readiness Deployment script.

The deployment script can be used to automate many of the procedures necessary for setting up user computers with Upgrade Readiness. The Deployment version of the script is more light-weight, and is intended to be deployment widely via ConfigMgr or other software deployment service.

Here are the changes made to the new script:

Issue 1: Connectivity check to endpoints

We have made improvements to the script to make sure that the connectivity checks done by the script reflect the process used in the supported proxy scenarios.

Issue 2:  Increased number of retries for the process that collects data

The CompatTelRunner process that collects data, runs as part of running the deployment script.  Previous to this release, if the script identifies that the CompatTelRunner process is already running on the machine, it waits for one minute and tries to run the process again.  Based on the data that we have received thus far, we are seeing many deployment scripts returning the error code (0x80070020) that indicates that the original CompatTelRunner process is still running.  So, to account for this long running process, we have increased the number of retries to 30 giving the process 30 minutes to complete.


Issue 3: Collection of computer metadata for Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines

The scheduled task that collects the device metadata information was not always running on the machine. In order to make sure that the computer metadata information is collected, the deployment script runs the associated process on the machine as part of running the deployment script. In the previous release (1.9) we introduced this change for Windows 10 machines. In this release we are making the same changes to make sure that the computer metadata information is collected on the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines.

If there are any issues you will see the following error codes:

51: devicecensus.exe failed with unexpected exception – If you see this error code, run the Device task in the Task Scheduler Library, under Microsoft->Windows->Device Information.


52: devicecensus.exe not found at path %windir%\System32 – If you see this error code, make sure that the file exists in the path specified.

You can find the latest script and the Readme file that includes the details of these changes on the Microsoft Download Center.

More information on getting started with Upgrade Readiness Deployment script can be found here.