Microsoft will release a new Windows 11 update this month to fix the performance reduction issue while running some apps and games. AMD has released a support article detailing this issue affecting PCs with Ryzen processors running Windows 11.

Windows 11 new features/changes:

For those interested, Windows 11 update release will be known as Windows 11 October 2021 update or Windows 10 version 21H2. Windows 11 brings lots of UI/UX changes, new features, performance and usability improvements over Windows 10.

You can read all the new features and changes that Windows 11 brings over Windows 10 in our massive collated changelog.

The support article mentions that Microsoft will release a Windows update in October 2021 to fix this issue. The same article has revealed a performance impact of 3-5% in affected applications because of Windows 11. This performance reduction can go up to 10-15% in games commonly used for eSports.

Article Number

This documentation provides information on known performance impacts reported on Windows® 11 when running compatible AMD processors on certain applications.

Issue Description

AMD and Microsoft have determined that compatible AMD processors may exhibit reduced performance in certain applications when running Windows® 11.   

Known Performance Changes



Measured and functional L3 cache latency may increase by ~3X.  

  • Applications sensitive to memory subsystem access time may be impacted.
  • Expected performance impact of 3-5% in affected applications, 10-15% outliers possible in games commonly used for eSports. 
  • A Windows update is in development to address this issue with expected availability in October of 2021.  

UEFI CPPC2 (“preferred core”) may not preferentially schedule threads on a processor’s fastest core.

  • Applications sensitive to the performance of one or a few CPU threads may exhibit reduced performance.
  • Performance impact may be more detectable in >8-core processors above 65W TDP. 
  • A software update is in development to address this issue with expected availability in October of 2021.