Xbox One X Standard Edition

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 Build for those in Xbox One Beta Ring. The Build version is rs3_release_xbox_dev_1802.180116-1916 and it is available from 6:00PM PST 1/20/18 (2:00AM GMT 20/1).

Coming to what this build brings, we can see new features like Next Achievements, Mini-Game Hubs, Do not disturb feature in the changelog shared officially. This build brings many fixes and performance improvements.

Build 1802.180116-1916 changelog:


We’re excited to return in 2018 with new features that impact the way you access your games and Achievements, how you let your friends know whether you’re able to play, and much more. Over the next several weeks, Xbox Insiders will begin to see a variety of cool new features they can interact with and provide feedback on. Here’s a look forward at some of the excitement still to come:

• With this update, you’ll be able to use the “Next Achievements” feature in the Guide, which enables you to view and sort a cross-games list of upcoming Achievements. Easily see which Achievements you are closest to, and quickly launch the game to obtain them. Sort filters allow you to prioritize next Achievements by closest, most common, rarest, most common rare, and highest Gamerscore.

• Mini Game Hubs are available in the Guide. With this feature, you’ll be able to access great content for the games you’ve played recently from a Game Hub without ever having to leave the action. Mini Game Hubs provide an easy way to see friends who are currently playing, upcoming Achievements, Looking for Group posts, and more.

o To find the Mini Game Hub, launch the Guide and look for a new icon to the right of all Game tiles in the Home section

• Sometimes all you want to do is avoid all distractions and focus entirely on your game. This build has the new feature of “Do not disturb” online status, which will suppress notifications and let your friends know that you’re not available for another game or activity right now.

  1. Open the Guide and select your profile icon to the far left.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. From the Appear online dropdown to the right, select Do not disturb.

• We’re tweaking the community feed to make it easier to view comments. You’ll soon be able to see a peek of the most recent comment on community posts while viewing the activity in full screen. Comments are also being rearranged to place those that are most recent at the top. You’ll also be able to see who has liked your comments.

• To address user feedback, we have added additional inactivity shutdown options to the Power mode & startup menu. In addition to shutting down the console after one or six hours of inactivity, you will be able to select options for two, three, four and five hours.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Power & startup > Power mode & startup.
  2. Under Options, select the “Turn off after” dropdown menu.

You can check out all the features in 1802 on the Xbox Insider Blog.


• Home and Guide

Additional fixes to address an issue which could cause Home and Guide to fail to display or crash.

• Installation and Achievements

Resolved an issue which caused the progress bars for downloads/installations and achievements to display incorrect information.


• System Update

When downloading a system update, you may get stuck at a loading screen and only see the loading spinner. Workaround: If this occurs, please DO NOT try to factory reset or reboot the console—this is an issue with the update service and should eventually resolve on its own.

• Guide

The Guide may sometimes lose focus during navigation.

• Party Chat

Party chat sometimes crashes in the Guide.

• Games Installation

Games that are installed fail to launch. Workaround: If the games are installed to an external drive please copy the game to the internal drive or attempt to delete the title and redownload to fix the launch error.

• Display

We are investigating the inaccurate RGB colors that have been reported when displaying in 4K HDR mode when playing a UHD disc.

• Tournaments

• The left and right navigation for selecting date and time during Tournament creation is currently reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

• Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

• Left and right navigation in the bracket view of Tournaments is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew

• Avatars on Home