Lumia 1320 cameraWe got opportunity to play with Lumia 1320 and we have already posted some videos: unboxing and first impressions, inserting sim, setup tutorials etc. We are also reviewing its camera separately as we know how important a factor camera has become for a smartphone owner for deciding his / her purchase. We already covered video capture impressions in our earlier article and posted three videos. Time for detailed imaging impressions, now!!

Lumia 1320 features a 5 MP camera sensor with F/2.4 aperture and sensor size of 1/4″. It has a 4X digital zoom which is certainly not the lossless zoom, we have on bigger Lumias. None of these specs look intimidating. So, how does it perform? As we have seen in case of video capture, it is one impressive 5 MP shooter. Here is what I found impressive about the camera,

  • Captures good details and sharp images especially when lighting is good.
  • In low light, the famous Nokia Camera algorithms make it capture brighter images without flash.
  • Macro Mode capture with Nokia Camera is a breeze and Lumia 1320 impresses.
  • One thing that certainly impresses about Lumia Black update and Nokia Camera is the improvement in color fidelity of Lumia smartphone cameras. Lumia 1320 images come out vibrant, yet don’t loose their natural subject color. We will see one compared with similar sample from 808.
  • It has one HAAC mic which helps in capturing rich-audio something usually absent from competitor mid-range phones.

What I didn’t like is,

  • The not so impressive flash though it still captures better images than its close competitors with flash. But, Nokia could have packed it with better flash
  • Why the 6.7 MP camera sensor didn’t make it to Lumia 1320. This is a puzzle for me? Lumia 1302 is more expensive device than Lumia 720 and don’t tell me that specs don’t matter. They matter a lot for marketing!!

Lumia 1320 color:

Lumia 1320 color

808 PureView color:

808 color

Lumia 1320 macro mode:

Bee MacroDaylight:Daylight Lumia 1320

Low-light:low-light Color and Details: Lumia 1320 mid

Low Light with Flash:with flash

Low light without Flash:w-o flash

Natural fruity shot:WP_20140127_09_33_06_Pro


In a nutshell, with Lumia 1320 you get a decent shooter, which will not disappoint you in any shooting conditions and bonus is the audio capture. It is certainly better than its mid-range competitors, though we are not bringing bigger Lumias in comparison. Color fidelity wise and in closeup capture it shines. You can see 23 images captured with Lumia 1320 in various lighting and focus conditions ( and some of them are really good ) by going to our Flick set.