Microsoft has recently released a new Office Insider builds for Mac  users. The latest update brings some new changes and improvements.

Mac Changelog:

Here’s a look at the top fixes in this week’s Insider Fast update: 15.34 (170411):   First off, a new feature and a UI update based on Insider feedback. The latest update now support saving your email draft as a template for later use in Outlook.

Insider Fast: Email Template is now available!

Email Template, which is one of the top requests on our UserVoice site.

This new feature requires Office 365 Subscription and will be available in Insider Fast update(version 15.34.170411+).

How to use templates?
You can save an email message as an email template…

…and create new emails from a saved template:
or just open the template from file system:
Simply create a new email from template, and save the email by choosing “Save As Template…” to replace existing template.
You can follow these steps to convert templates from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows (and similarly from Windows to Mac):
1. Open the saved template in Outlook for Mac
2. Save the template as a draft in Outlook for Mac
3. Sync the draft to the server, and then open the draft in Outlook for Windows
4. Save the draft email as template in Outlook for Windows

Insider Fast: Improvements to how unread emails look in the message list

Unread email in your message list will be better differentiated than before.

Unread emails in the message list will now be in bold font weight and will be blue, along with a blue dot to the left of the message.


Update your Office on Mac  to the latest Insider Fast build to enjoy these new features.