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Top New Features Available for Apple Fans with OneDrive (v9.1) for iOS


Microsoft is busy releasing a major update to its OneDrive app for iOS. The latest update, version 9.1, marks the launch of a completely rewritten app, and to celebrate this new release, Microsoft is rolling out the following features over the next couple of days to Office 365 subscribers.

With version 9.1, OneDrive users on iOS will be able to paper scan documents and save them as a single PDF, kind of a handy scanner but interesting. This requires an active Office 365 subscription.

This update also introduces offline folders. Offline folders give users the ability to download and view entire folders to read them anytime, even when they aren’t connected to the Internet. This feature is already available on the Android version of the app, however.

If you ever wanted to give someone a temporary access to a file for a certain period of time, you can now do so. Create expiring links so that they expire on a specific day is now possible with OneDrive version 9.1.

Find the full changelog for OneDrive v9.1 below:

Super Scanning
Ok, that’s not the official name, but it’s easier than ever to go paperless with the ability to scan as many pages as you want and save those pages into a single PDF. In addition, you can now crop, rotate, or delete those scanned pages. You can safely retire that old scanner, its services are no longer needed.

Offline Folders
We’ve heard your feedback and know that downloading one file at a time is no fun and you aren’t always connected to the Internet when you need to access that important file. We wanted to do something about that, so we are rolling out the ability to offline any folder in OneDrive and SharePoint. When the feature is enabled, you will find it by tapping and holding on your important folders then tap the new offline command.

Improved sharing capabilities
Ever wanted to only give someone temporary access to a file? Whether it’s those confidential loan documents or your awesome cat photo collection, you can now create links that expire on a specific day. Whether it’s a week or two years from now, just go to your personal OneDrive account, tap and hold on a file, tap share, and Link Settings to get started.

Discover interesting documents
Using a work or school account? We added a new view to help you discover interesting and relevant documents based who you work with and the content that you work on. Take a look at this personalized view by going to the Shared tab and sliding over to the Discover pivot. Let us know what you think.

Find the latest app update in App Store below (rolling out gradually).

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