Microsoft Azure

Azure Government cloud computing transforms the ability of government to be responsive, accountable, and agile, while providing the additional security, privacy, and compliance government requires.

The Azure Government has been granted authorization for 12 additional customer-facing services to the FedRAMP High P-ATO. All in all, there are a total of 32 Infrastructure and Platform services available for Azure government customers, and all of which have been approved for use with up to High Impact level data.

Also, Microsoft is bringing the entire Operations Management Suite (OMS) for use in Azure Government.

The OMS suite empowers customers to take full advantage of the Hybrid Cloud. OMS enables customers to gain insight across their entire fleet, allowing faster response to security threats, enabling consistent control and compliance, and ensuring the availability of apps and data irrespective of where those applications or data live; in Azure, on premises, or on other cloud platforms using a federated clouds model.

You can read more about the announcement over at Azure Blog