The outlook is one of the most popular services from Microsoft. Outlook has been available in the form of the app across different platforms like Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Now Microsoft has developed a new app of Outlook for Android but for Watch. It is available in the Samsung Galaxy App Store listed as ‘Microsoft Outlook’. Installing this app on your Galaxy Watch recommends you to install the Outlook app on your Android smartphone also.

The version number listed for Galaxy Watch on Android is 1.0.0 as this is the first-ever version. It comes with a size of 358KB in the Galaxy Store.


Meet Microsoft Outlook, the app that helps millions connect, organize and get things done. Bring all your email accounts, calendars, and files in one place so you can stay on top of what’s important and get things done quickly wherever you go.

With everything you need at a glance, keeping a step ahead on busy days is now easier than ever.

Now use Microsoft Outlook on the Samsung Galaxy Watch:

  • Connect your email accounts from your phone automatically on the watch.
  • Stay organized with notifications for new mail and upcoming events.
  • Browse your inbox from your watch.
  • Reply on the go or take actions like Flag, Mark as read or unread, Archive and Delete.
  • Filter email by account, unread, flagged

Microsoft Outlook Galaxy Watch app is a companion app that only works when you also download your Microsoft Outlook phone app to your mobile device.

Download here