Outlook 2016

Microsoft has pushed a new update to Outlook for Mac in the insider channel. The update brings new features to Outlook for Mac.

The update brings most-requested calendar features: display second time zone on Calendar grid, and allow setting of start/end time zones in events. These features are now available to Insider Slow Build.

Enabling second time zone in Calendar grid requires an Office 365 subscription.Check the official changelog below.


You can new add a second time zone on the calendar grid so you can easily refer. To show the second time zone, go to Outlook > Preferences > Calendar, or by right-clicking the grid to see the second time zone options :Second TZ.png


To schedule an event with a start time and end time being in different time zones (for example, a flight across time zones), simply toggle on the “Time Zone” option via Ribbon, or via menu Message > Time Zone: