We have seen many news bytes about Extension support for Microsoft’s thriving web Browser Microsoft Edge. And the team behind Edge has already confirmed that news too. The last reports shown that Microsoft is ready to trigger the extension support for Edge Browser.

As per the leak from WindowsBlogItalia , Page Analyzer is the first extension which is gonna release for Microsoft Edge. But they are not willing to provide more details about the extension. From the given screenshots we can conclude that this is website analyzing extension which helps to improve your websites by analyzing with various methods. Sounds nice and we are trying to get more information about the extension.

See the screenshots of Extension..


According to the report Microsoft has scheduled to launch the extension support with the first wave of redstone update (Around June). But the extension support will available very soon in an upcoming insider Redstone builds , so that developers can port Chrome extensions easily to Edge. The internal Redstone builds are already being tested with Extensions onboard.