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PC market sees a healthy 9% jump in Q2 2020, as Notebooks see demand surge


In an encouraging trend for PC manufacturers and Microsoft PC market has seen a healthy 9% growth in Q2 2020. This even looks better when seen in the perspective of worldwide lockdown in wake of COVID19 epidemic.

In Q2 2020, total shipments of desktops, notebooks and workstations hit 72.9 million units, marking a 9% jump Y-O-Y. The demand surge was driven primarily by Notebooks that saw 24% growth on a Y-O-Y basis. Desktops and Workstations however saw a decline.

Coming to individual manufacturers, HP led the pack of top PC vendors with a 24.8% market share and annual growth of 17.5%. Acer also saw good growth of 21% Y-O-Y and was the fifth top PC vendor in Q2 2020.

Lenovo and Dell, who were 2nd and 3rd top PC manufacturers also registered moderate growth in shipments. North America and EMEA were the regions with highest growth in Q2 2020, with PC shipments up 11% and 25% respectively.

The Q2 2020 results reinforce the market understanding that Notebooks like smartphones are here to stay. In terms of sheer productivity nothing even including costlier tablets hold a candle to them.

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