The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is QRafty . This is the ultimate QR code management application on Windows 10, integrating smartly with default system apps to handle QR codes.

QRafty Description:

With QRafty transferring data between devices is as easy as pointing one’s camera to another’s screen – no setup needed. Since it does not store or transmit (as a matter of fact, QRafty does not access the internet at all) any of the information it creates or reads, QRafty is a great way of transferring sensitive data between airgapped devices: no network/Bluetooth/NFC transfers to sniff or cloud to worry about.

QRafty Features:

  • Scan QR codes
  • Generate QR codes

This app uses standard QR formats, and is completely interoperable with other QR code generation or scanning apps.

Today it is FREE!!!Download it!!!

Developer: Aftnet
Price: $1.99