apupdTime for some apps updates!

Quick Launcher which put Mobile data settings in Notification center has seen an update, which now enables 1 minute app refresh. So, in case you use clear all to clear all the notifications, within one minute launcher comes back in notification center. Below is the full changelog.

-Ability to keep the app alive and refresh the launcher list into the notification center every minute(many of you have asked about this feature)
If you press the ‘clear all’ button then notifications reappears within 1 minute.
Thanks to Fela Ameghino for helping me with this feature (developer behind apps like clock hub, ask.fm and musitube! be sure to check it out!!)

!!WeChat was removed due to a bug that can’t allow me to open it.. I’m trying to contact WeChat’s developers to solve this issue!)!!

Bing Translator also has seen an update and it is not clear as to what has changed in the latest version.

Steam Chat, the only working Steam chat app has been updated with,

– Increased emoticon resolutions
– Fixed adjacent emoticon bug
– Added nicknames
– Bug fixes

Quick launcher

Bing Translator

Steam Chat